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3D Rendering Company


L3D Visuals is a small 3D visualization company based in Calgary committed to creating exceptional 3D renders for any project. We strive to provide quality work that meets deadlines, stays within budgets, and exceeds expectations. With years of experience creating 3D assets and renders for various industries we are ready to meet any challenge.

3D Rendering Company

Client Focused 

Multi Industry 


Photo Realistic




3D Renders

3D Animation

3D Assets

Once the project is ready to start, the first step is to collect all resources and information to begin the 3D process.

The next stage is building the models or making client files such as CAD models production ready.

Once the models are done we begin to give them texture materials to bring them to life.

The last stage is lighting the scene and rendering the final image or animation.

We can create 3D still images to make your projects come to life with photo realisitc renders

Tell your story with a moving animations of your project.

We can help your company create 3D assets that can be used for anything from VR games to 3D printing.

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L3D Visuals is a dedicated 3D design and animation company. Using some of today's greatest 3D rendering technology we can bring your needs into fully rendered visualizations.


From showing new procedures at your worksite to helping market your product with 3D renders, we here at L3D visuals will make it happen with extraordinary quality that is both affordable and meets deadlines.

Our Process